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"Masonic Temple" in Chicago"

Wood engraving published 1900. Reverse side is printd.

16.5 x 11 cm ( 6.4 x 4.3 ")

$ 25.00

Order Nr. FREEMASONRY245630

ăUne bapteme maconnique a la loge de la Fraternelle-Amitie"

A baptism in the Free Mason Lodge ăL'Amitie Fraternelle du Grand Orient de France"

Wood engraving after the drawing by Christian Yriarte

Published in Paris, 1870

Has in upper right corner hardly visible pleat. reverse side has unrelated text print.

17,8 x 22 cm (ca. 7 x 8.6")


Center image: "New Masonic Plate from the Grand Lodge of England"

Wood engraving dated 1852. In the upper right of the image and below the image is text about
the cornucopia shaped plate that was manufactured by Lambert and Rawlngs.

In the upper right are the rowing champions Cole and Coombes. In the lower right is the new town hall in Hemel-Hempstead.
The reverse side is printed.

Page size: 36 x 24 cm ( 14.1 x 9.4 ")

$ 35.00

Order Nr. FREEMASONRY247476

"Cabinet des Beaux Arts"

Copper etching by Jean Lepautre (1618-1682)

Published in: "Livre de miroirs tables etc.; Feuillages et autres ornements; Vases et bordures de miroirs; Escussons". Nuremberg, 1729

Two figures flank the doorway to the design of a library. Left: "Le Genie" Genius, and Right: "Le Travail" (Work). Angle measure, compass, hammer (gavel) and apron, thus identified as a subtle hint to Freemasonry. In that sense this is a masonic-minded copper etching.

Print has pleasant general age toning. Margins are a bit spotty along edges and have some other minor traces of age and use. Impression is good.

17 x 25,5 cm (ca. 6.7 x 10")

$ 160.00

Order Nr. FREEMASONRY243704

"New Building for the Masonic Institution for Boys, Opened Saturday Last"

Wood engraving published 1865. Reverse side is printed.

17 x 23.5 cm ( 6.6 x 9.2 ")

$ 35.00

Order Nr. FREEMASONRY247758

"Bischof Bernward empfängt den Besuch Heinrich II. Palm Sonntag 1003"

Bishop Bernward of Hildesheim greets Henry II on the occasion of Henry's visit, Palm Sunday 1003.

Wood engraving by Richard Bong after the painting by Hermann Prell (1854-1922)

Published in a German periodical.

Berlin, ca. 1900

Very light general age toning. Vertical centerfold. Condition: Very Good.

In the foreground we find Masonic attributes and symbols of importance:

The stone, compass, angle measure, gavel and apron, as the history of Free Masonry goes back to that time. Prell, the painter,was an active Free Mason.

29,5 x 45,4 cm (ca. 11.6 x 17.9")

$ 140.00

Order Nr. FREEMASONRY243705

"Le Centenaire de l'Indépendance des Etats-Unis"

Centennial of the USA Declaration of Independence

Richmond, Virginia, USA

Left: "La fete a Lafayette Hall.. Le gouverneur de l'Etat de virginie recevant les invitee"

Right: "La ceremonie de la pose de la premiere pierre du monument commemoratif presidee par le grand-metre des francs-macons de la Virginie."

Groundbreaking ceremony for the memorial of the Free Masons of Virginia.

Wood engraving by Haenen after the drawings by Woodward.

Published in Paris, 1876

Condition: Some minor traces of age and use. Small repaired tear on right margin edge. Basically near very good.

Overall. 21 x 31,5 cm (ca. 8.3 x 12.4")

Left and right each: 21 x 15,2 cm (ca. 8.3 x 6")


"No Title"

Three putti impersonating the arts: Sculpture, Painting, Architecture

Print has symbols of Freemasonary.

This hand-colored copper etching (book text verso) is not signed. But it can clearly be attributed to Carlo Gregori (1719-1759) who engraved, after the drawings by Giovanno Domenico Campiglia (1692-1762) the collection of paintings in the Florence Musuem "Museo Fiorentina", ca. 1760

9.1 x 13.5 cm ( 3.5 x 5.3 ")

$ 65.00

Order Nr. MYTHOLOGY1019

"Livre Nouveau ou Regles des cinq Ordres d'Architecture" Freemasonry - Freimaurerei

Title page of the above book on the five orders of Architecture.

Author: Jacques Barozzio de Vignole (Jacopo Barozzi da Vignola 1507-1573)

Engraver: Jean Charles Le Vasseur (1734-1816)

Drawing: Charles-Nicolas Cochin (1715-1790)

Published i Paris, dated 1767

Architecture with the symbols of Freemasonry (Freimaurerei)

Minimal traces of age and use. Wide margins

33,7 x 20 cm (ca. 13.3 x 7.9")

$ 240.00

Order Nr. FREEMASON240567

"De edificatione templi"

On either side of woodcut fictional plans of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. Following the ăTent of Meeting (Tabernacle) this was the first Jewish temple built of stone. Nebukadnezar II. destroyed it. After the Babylonian captivity a second temple was built, which was lacking the most sacred part: The Ark of the Covenant, missing since the destruction of the first temple. The second temple was destroyed by the Romas. Left nowadays is only part of the temple's wall: The Wailing Wall.

Salomon's Temple is also an important constituent of Freemasonry and Rosicrucians. There is a clearcut relatedness to Salomon's Temple, based on the ideas of early habitual evidence during the Middle Ages.

Woodcut from the Nuremberg Cronicle by Hartmann Schedel (1440-1515).

Schedel, medical doctor, humanist and historian ist the author of the Cronicle. It was published by Anto Koberger (14440 / 45 - 1513), in Nuremberg in the year 1493 (Latin edition in the month of May, the very small and therefore rare German edition in December 1493).

Upper margin corner shows traces of age: it is frayed, tatered and brittle with repair. Otherwise in very good condition, especially when considering, that this woodcut is over 500 years old. Latin (first) edition

The entire page: 45,5 x 32 cm (17.9 x 12.6")


Order Nr. SCHEDEL235520


"De edificatione templi"

Auf beiden Seiten des Holzschnitts mehr oder weniger fiktive Darstellungen des Salomonischen Tempels. In der Nachfolge der Stiftshütte, die ein mobiles Zelt war, war der Jerusalemer Tempel der erste steinerne Tempel der Juden. Nebukadnezar II hat ihn zerstört, als er die Juden in die ăBabylonische Gefangenschaft" nahm.

Der an gleicher Stelle errichtete zweite Tempel auf dem Tempelberg in Jerusalem erreichte nicht die Pracht. des ersten. Ihm fehlte vor allem das Allerheiligste der Juden : die Bundeslade, die seit der Zerstörung des ersten Tempels vermisst wird. Nach der Zerstörung des zweiten Tempels durch die Römer bestehen heute nur noch Reste der Tempelmauer: Die Klagemauer.

Der Jerusalemer Tempel ist auch Bestandteil der Tradition der Freimaurer und Rosenkreuzer.Es gibt einen deutlichen Bezug zum Salomonischen Tempel, der sich in den Gebräuchen der Steinmetzbauhütten des Mittelalters manifestiert.

Holzschnitt aus der Weltchronik von Hartmann Schedel (1440-1515). Schedel war Arzt, umfangreich gebildeter Humanist und Historiker. Die Nürnberger Chronik, auch Schedelsche Weltchronik genannt, ist sein wichtigstes Werk. Das umfangreiche, grossformatige Werk entstand 1493 in Nürnberg. Anton Koberger (1440 bis 1445 - Geburtsjahr nicht genau bekannt - 1513) verlegte dieses extrem bedeutende Inkunabelwerk, zunächst in Latein (Mai 149, dann in deutscher Sprache (Dezember 1493).

Obere Marge hat in einer Ecke Altersschäden (ausgefranst, brüchig). Etwas repariert.Ansonsten ist der Holzschnitt in sehr gutem Zustand, zumal er über 500 Jahre alt ist. Lateinische (erste) Ausgabe.

Die ganze Seite: 45,5 x 32 cm


Order Nr. SCHEDEL235520

"Bottiger, magnifiquement logé, tenait table ouverte."

Refers to Karl August Boettiger ( 1760-1835) who was a Freemason. His Loge was the "Amalia", the same as Goethe.

Wood engraving from a French source ca 1840. On the reverse side is information about Boettiger.

14 x 10.8 cm ( 5.5 x 4.2 ")

$ 55.00

Order Nr. FREEMASONRY238638

"Cahier des Deseins"
"a l Usage des Artisans d Architecture en general
et des Macons specialmente"

Notice the symbols related to Freemasonry.

Copper engraving designed and engraved by J. Hauer in Paris ca 1770.

17 x 12.5 cm ( 6.6 x 4.9 ")

$ 55.00

Order Nr. FREEMASONRY239064

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